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Casey Anthony got away with murdering her little girl. So fucked up.

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I know. I am beyond baffled that anyone questioned her guilt.

I'd like to know how that sleaze ball lawyer of hers sleeps at night. Not only did he get a child murderer off, he used the absolutely slimiest techniques to do so. And for what? Fame? Money? He values fame and money over the life of a 2-year-old child. That's so sickening. He's the kind of lawyer that gives all lawyers a bad name.

What slimy technique did he use? I've been avoiding the news writeups.

* accused Casey's dad of raping her
* accused Casey's brother of molesting/fondling her
(these might or might not be true - I'd wager to guess they're not - but they have absolutely nothing to do with Caylee's murder)
* introduced the theory that Caylee "accidentally drowned" in the family swimming pool and accused Casey's dad of disposing of Caylee's body

Basically, he was bringing up all this sensational stuff for the sole purpose of distracting the jury from Casey's suspicious actions following Caylee's murder and all of the lies she told. He (and Casey let him) dragged the whole Anthony family through the mud.

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